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Many could also be pocket or stones for your pouch!
See also Russian Cabochons

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Charoite from Russia
Sample picture of the
Charoite - Rare beautiful stone with swirls of purple, lavender, black and white comes straight from Russia. 

Charoite - Purple, Lilac, Pink - Sometimes it has Manganese (black) or Quartz inclusions which add the properties of those stones as well. - It helps change negative energy to positive and for us to ground our spiritual selves.  Helps cleanse the Chakra's, bringing to us the spiritual and loving emotion and purity.  It helps us to accept that we are one with "All".  It helps us realize what is needed in a relationship and stimulating flexibility with the idea of "letting go".  It can help with the attention span.  It also helps us understand that "when one door closes, another opens".  This stone is one of transformation, within this world and from this world to another.  It helps align the meridians of the upper parts of the body, helping us with self approval and to move forward.  It can help us to realize that we each are where we should be at this very moment.  It helps us to change the symptoms of illness and disease to wellness!  It can assist in visioning and second sight.

These are on
the Russian 

Purple Fluorite
Wonderful Purple Fluorite Cabochons.  They measure 10 mm x 14 mm.

Fluorite - Purple/Lavender - It helps bring rationality to intuition, enhances meditation, psychic and spiritual growth.  Helps ease stress, allowing us to sleep better so that we heal and are better able to regain our balance.  Truth, intellect, consciousness, aura cleansing and protection.  Helps bring order to chaos, whether the chaos is on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.  It helps dispel strong emotions, easing desperation, depression, and anger.  It helps concentration during meditation.  Helps ground, balance and focus our energies.     Fluorite colors may fade in the sunlight, please be careful!!!

10 x 14 mm

Intarsia Mountains
30 mm x 22 mm
An Intarsia is made up of many cut pieces inlaid to create a picture.  It is difficult to find any as beautiful and well made as these.

This beautiful, high quality, seamless, handmade Intarsia, is made up of pieces of  Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Mother of Pearl and Picture Jasper.  This is framed by a small line of Black and White Onyx as well as beautiful, high quality Malachite.  The Intarsia is backed with White Quartz. 

1 in stock

Intarsia Sea
32 mm x 32 mm
This magnificent, high quality, handmade Intarsia is seamless,  It has a boat of Opal, floating on a sea of Lapis Lazuli with a mountain of Picture Jasper in the background.  The sun in the background is dark Carnelian on a sky of lighter Carnelian to complete this picture.  It is framed by a small line of Black and White Onyx as well as beautiful, high quality Malachite.  The Intarsia is backed with Malachite.
1 in stock

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli - These are beautiful, high quality Cabochons.

Lapis Lazuli – Truthfulness, openness, love, positive magic, a stone of total awareness that helps us expand our intellect and to connect to our psychic abilities and intuition.  It is a cleansing stone, it allows us to release negative views and old karmic patterns. It allows us to express our thoughts and ideas clearly, while improving organizational capabilities. It helps us to perceive emotional issues more clearly.

10 x 14 mm

Larimar - Very beautiful stones with nice white spider webbing on many.  This is a rare stone from the Dominican Republic.

These have been hand cut and measurements are approximate not exact!

Larimar - It is a stone for healing the earth, helping bring peace and clarity.  It is used to stimulate the heart, throat, third eye and crown Chakra's.  Helps us to gain inner wisdom and outer manifestation.  It can assist us in recognizing the "chains" which we have put upon ourselves and help us to release them.  It is a good stone for eliminating entities from one's environment.  It brings a sense in truthfulness, allowing us to release guilt.

Limited Quantities!!
6 mm Rd


8 x 10 mm
2 in stock

Malachite/Azurite Mix - High quality stones with beautiful marbling of colors! 

Malachite - Good for loyalty, leadership, balance, helps stimulate physical and psychic vision and concentration, balances on all levels and all Chakra's.  It's a powerful balancing stone, reduces insecurities, stress, and tension.
Azurite - Is a stone of the third eye, helping to awaken our psychic selves.  Helps enhance creativity, self confidence, forward motion on our path, helping to dissolve things that are in our way, especially energy blockages.  Helps provide relaxation during meditation as well as times of stress. 

6 x 8 mm
7 in stock

Mozarkite #1
33 mm x 40 mm
White circle is flash.
Large, Rare, difficult to find, Mozarkite Cabochon #1 from Missouri.

This is a beautiful stone with swirls of deep pink swirling through lighter pink.  It has a splash of cream coloring that has a slight imperfection near the splash, but doesn't effect it's beauty. 

1 in stock

Mozarkite #2
30 mm x 40 mm
White circle is flash.
Large, Rare, difficult to find, Mozarkite Cabochon #2 from Missouri.

This one has light pink flowing around the grey and cream coloring.  Very nice stone!

1 in stock

Mozarkite #4
30 mm x 42 mm
White circle is camera flash.
Large, Rare, difficult to find, Mozarkite Cabochon #4 from Missouri.

This stone is prettier than the picture shows.  It has the pinks, light and dark, golden yellow, brown and creams.

1 in stock

Mahogany Obsidian
30 mm x 22 mm
Mahogany Obsidian - Provides strength in times of need and stimulates intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical growth.  Helps to release energy blockages and release tension.  Provides vitality to advance our lifework and aspirations.  Helps to strengthen our sense of sexuality and sensuality. Grounding, shields against negativity and transforms it, protects from physical or emotional harm, healing, helps us see the flaws within and to find the necessary solutions to eliminate the flaws and allow us to grow.
8 in stock

Boulder Opal Cabochon
7 mm x 5 mm
Opal - Small Australian Boulder Opal solid cabochons.  Most of them have wonderful fire.  Pictures is larger than actual stone which is 7 x 5 mm.

Opal - It helps amplify our traits and characteristics, allowing us to recognize and feel the creativity within ourselves.  It helps allow us to release our inhibitions, strengthen our memories, brings faithfulness and loyalty to our personal and business relationships.  Known as the stone of "happy dreams and changes" bringing to us the understanding and acceptance of our inherent perfection. It has been used to awaken psychic and mystical qualities.  Opal with fire inside it can help encourage our intuition and insight. 


Please check the Russian Cabochon page for the Seraphinite aka Clinochlore Cabochons. 

Seraphinite - Helps us to communicate with the Angelic Realm.   It helps us come together in relationships and to heal on the physical, emotional and mental levels.  Helps us to achieve independence.  It helps us appreciate our growing spirituality.  Helps provide us with a sense of order, within our lives and the universe, even at times of chaos.  Helps us to understand we are not helpless or hopeless in this world. It is useful in times of confinement, providing a comforting energy and bringing stabilization to our condition.

These are on
the Russian 

Sonora Sunset aka Sonora Sunrise,
Sonoran Sunset or Sunrise
This Sonora Sunset aka Sonora Sunrise or Sonoran Sunset or Sunrise is from Mexico.  They are each hand polished, so they aren't a standard size or shape. The stone is a combination of Chrysocolla (blue green and black) and Cuprite (red).

Sonora Sunrise, aka Sonora Sunset, Sonoran Sunrise, Sonoran Sunset - It has been called the Stone of Empowerment and Freedom.  It can help those that feel stuck in their daily routine as it helps one to gain control and acknowledge our empowerment during difficult situations and bring about the empowerment of the Self.  It brings passion to help make the most of each situation.  It is a good stone for those seeking change as the energy of the stone can bring new found freedom.  Since it has a high content of copper it is a natural stone for healing.  The healing properties can help us to aid humanity in these trying times.  It can help open and connect the throat, base and sacral Chakras.  Opening the base Chakra may help us to feel safe in our physical body, helping the life force energy to flow freely through the Chakras.  Raising the frequency and strengthening the etheric body so that we are physically, mentally and emotionally strong.   It can help us to have courage and increase our creative energies.  It can help allow us to gently release stress, anxiety and fear.   See also the properties of Chrysocolla and Cuprite.

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Two views of
Sugilite Pair #2
16 mm x 12 mm
Sugilite Pair #2 - Purple to a Burgundy marbled coloring with white.  Very thin also but would be wonderful for earrings or a pair of pendants.

Sugilite - Helps us realize the connection of the well being of the body and the well being of the mind, thus helping the healing of ourselves and the healing of humanity.  It helps us understand the spiritual love of all and bringing the energy to the earth plane.  Helps open and direct energy through the Crown, Base and Heart Chakra's, helping the movement of the Kundalini throughout our bodies. Helps us in our forgiveness of ourselves and others.  Helps eliminate hostility and protect us from the harshness of this world, allowing us to accept being here and living now.  It can help eliminate anger, abrasiveness, jealousy, prejudice and other negative attributes that come into our lives.  Wearing or carrying Sugilite helps give us a feeling of freedom, bring us inspiration and confidence.  It can help us in creative endeavors on all levels.

1 in stock

Turquoise Cabochon
14 x 10 x 7 mm
Turquoise - Beautiful high dome cabochon of natural stones approximately 14 x 10 x 7 mm.
These are from an old collection and are very good quality stones.

Turquoise - It strengthens and aligns all Chakra's, meridians and subtle bodies.  Helps with communication, creativity, and intuition.  It is a master stone of healing, cleansing and protection.  Helps dissipate negativity.  Good stone for grounding and can help keeping us connected to the earth plane during deep meditation.  Helps provide strength and protection during vision quests and astral travel.  Helps bring peace of mind, bringing a soothing energy and healing of spirit.  Helps to bring wisdom and understanding as well as enhance trust and kindness.  Helps us to recognize beauty, in others as well as ourselves.

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Disclaimer: The information regarding the metaphysical, other properties and purposes of these minerals are provided for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended for diagnosing illness, prescription or advice and should not replace proper medical attention. Please consult your Doctor or other health care practitioner regarding health issues. Dragon's Crystal Reverie or Alyce Love assume no liability for any use or misuse of this information.

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