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Make Your Own Jewelry with the Heart Beads below!
All the heart beads are drilled from the top to the bottom.

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Blue Lace Agate Puffy - 10 mm
Nice, light colored Blue Lace Agate heart beads are drilled top to bottom.  These are pretty flat, not rounded, and are 10 mm.

Agate - Blue Lace - Light Blue w/white lines - Helps us to reach high spiritual spaces.  Helps with arthritis, throat, heart, third eye and crown Chakra's.  Helps with balancing yin yang energy, the physical being with the etheric, emotional, mental and causal bodies of the aura.  Helps with strength, courage, healing, cleansing, transforms and eliminates negativity. 

11 in stock

Amethyst - 12 mm
These are light purple Amethyst heart beads, sometimes referred to as Cape Amethyst.  These are drilled top to bottom, puffy and mearure 12 mm.

Amethyst – Stone of spirituality and contentment, balances energies, clears aura, provides strength, stability, peace and serenity.  Helps us find freedom from addiction, yours or another's.  Helps calm and find peace during meditation. Amethyst color can fade in the sunlight, please be careful!

20 in stock

Amethyst Puffy - 15 mm
These beautiful Amethyst beads are deep purple and have a nice shine to them.  These are drilled top to bottom.  These are slightly rounded and measure 15 mm.
24 in stock

Blue Aventurine - 15 mm
These Blue Aventurine Hearts are a very nice color, but I think they may be dyed instead of being natural! These are drilled top to bottom, mostly flat and measure 15 mm.

Aventurine – Blue can help with patience and to eliminate stubbornness. It is also a calming stone that can be used in healing and balancing the emotions and helping us to communicate clearly and creatively.

21 in stock

Green Aventurine - 15 mm
Sparkling Green Aventurine Heart Beads would look nice in on a necklace, bracelet or a pocket stone, but I think they may be dyed instead of natural!  These are drilled top to bottom, mostly flat and measure 15 mm.

Aventurine – Green is used to activate, protect and clear the Heart Chakra.  Helps our creativity, imagination, prosperity, career success and leadership qualities.  Helps with healing of the mind and body.  Helps balance the male/female energies.

22 in stock

Bronzite Puffy - 18 mm
Pretty Bronzite Heart shaped beads.  You can tell by the flash, from the camera (white lines) that these beauties are highly polished!  These are drilled top to bottom, sslightly rounded and measure 18 mm.

Bronzite- Rich Brown or black w/sparkles of golden bronze - This stone can be  used to help stimulate decision making on unresolved issues in one's life. Helps provide a push to do what is needed, while still being able to enjoy the process.  It is called the "Stone of Courtesy" and is helpful to those who work in service to others.

8 in stock

Carnelian Puffy - 12 mm
Beautiful small Carnelian Heart beads!  You can tell by the flash, from the camera (white lines) that these beauties are highly polished!  These are drilled top to bottom puffy and measure 12 mm.

Carnelian - Emotional warmth, creativity, self esteem, reincarnation and past life recall.  Helps protect against envy, fear or rage and to banish sorrow on the emotional level.  The message it shares is "One Is Love", when we share love it is returned tenfold.  Helps cleanse negativity, dispel apathy, indolence and passivity.

8 in stock

Citrine - 15 mm
These are Citrine Heart beads and are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 15 mm.

Citrine –One of only a few stones that doesn't hold negative energy but dissipates it into the universe.  It is called the "Merchant Stone" and helps us acquire and maintain wealth. It is a great stone to keep in your pocket, purse or in the cash register of your business, to help bring money in and keep it.  Helps to balance the yin yang energy. Brings joy, happiness, prosperity and helps to aid digestion.  Helps us with our spiritual growth and success in all walks of life.


Garnet - 8 mm
These are small, rich red Garnet Heart Beads!  These are drilled top to bottom, slightly rounded and measure 8 mm.

Garnet – It is sometimes known as the "stone of health", helping to transform negative energy to a more positive state.  Helps us to expand awareness and manifest the needed changes.  Helps us with commitment, to ourselves, others and to a purpose.  It is helpful in moods of abandonment, helping us to realize that letting go of the feelings will allow us to feel fresh and free.  It balances and stimulates the Kundalini, base and crown Chakras.   Helps balance the energy field, allowing the right flow of energy to flow through us at the right time. 

10 in stock

Goldstone Puffy - 12 mm
These small Goldstone heart beads are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Goldstone - Goldstone is a man-made stone, a type of glass with copper in it. It was originally created when alchemists were working to create gold. - Since it is infused with copper shavings, it is a powerful energy generator.  It has a gentle uplifting energy. It has been said that it stores the energy of those who touch it, making it an excellent gift for loved ones who are far away and is also a stone of ambition and    drive.  Because of the copper shavings it has many of the properties of copper, including strengthening the circulatory system, strengthening bones, and easing arthritis pain.

20 in stock

Graphic Granite Puffy - 10 mm
These Graphic Granite beads are beautiful.  They have Feldspar in them so they have flashes of chatoyance (sheen) in them. These are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 10 mm.

Granite - It can encourage us to go with the flow and helps us find our highest path. Helps teach us to live in a state of grace.  It has been said that it was a sacred and powerful stone within the Aboriginal and Mayan cultures.  It is a protective stone and helpful in balancing relationships.  It helps bring abundance into our lives.  It can help with diplomacy, discretion and cooperativeness.  It can help us not be as doubtful or skeptical in our daily lives.

25 in stock

Hawks Eye - 12 mm
Beautiful chatoyant Hawks Eye Heart shaped Beads!   These are drilled top to bottom, mostly flat and measure 12 mm.

Hawk's Eye - Bluish green to bluish gray - It can help bring serenity and peace.  It helps us with our perspective, bring keen insight and good judgment.  It can bring us abundance, prosperity, healing and riches.  It helps bring us a love of nature. This can teach us to come to terms with the imperfections of the earth plane and to accept them.

13 in stock

Small - 12 mm
Medium - 20 mm
These nice shining bright Hematite heart beads in two sizes are drilled top to bottom, they are mostly flat and measure 12 mm and 20 mm.

Hematite – Focus, concentration, grounding, courage and balancing yin yang.  Helps bring tranquility and emotional clarity.  Draws heat from the body, helpful with fevers. It energizes and revitalizes, increasing resistance to stress and strengthening the body.  Helps dissolve and transform negativity, helping us to feel more optimistic and able to focus on inner happiness. Helps strengthen our self control.

15 in stock

11 in stock

Jade Heart - 20 mm
These Jade hearts have nice veining through them!  These are drilled top to bottom, mostly flat and measure 20 mm.

Jade - A Dream Stone - It helps us remember and resolve our dreams, if you place it under your pillow it can help with the release of our suppressed emotions.  Helps bring harmony, peace and change negativity to positive energy.  Gives us ambition to get our objectives accomplished.  Helps provide us with confidence to become more self assured, self sufficient and self reliant. 

12 in stock

Fancy Jasper Puffy - 12 mm
These Fancy Jasper Puffy Heart beads come in a variety of colors.  These are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Jasper – Known as the supreme nurturer, reminds us there is more that surrounds us than ourselves, protect from negativity, helping to ground us, balances yin yang and assists us during astral travel.  Helps to align and cleanse our Chakra's and Aura.

3 in stock

Ocean Jasper Puffy - 12 mm
These Ocean Jasper heart beads are brightly colored and drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Ocean Jasper - It's a soothing stone and helps us to love oneself as well as others. It's very healing of the emotions and brings peace of mind. Helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience. The circular patterns on ocean jasper symbolizes and help us realize that we are all interconnected with nature and it's cyclical pattern. It can also help with circular breathing for healing or meditation.  It helps with the heart Chakra.  See also the general properties of Jasper and Orbicular Jasper.

10 in stock

Picture Jasper - 16 mm
These Picture Jasper hearts are drilled top to bottom, mostly flat and measure 16 mm.

Picture Jasper - Helps bring forward our hidden thoughts, grief's fears and hopes so that me may face them and work on them.  It is a stone of harmony and helps us in business pursuits. Helps bring courage and wisdom into risky situations.  It helps neutralize and withdraw negativity from our lives. Also all the general properties of Jasper.

14 in stock

Poppy Jasper Puffy - 12 mm
These Poppy Jasper hearts are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Poppy Jasper - Helps bring attunement to animals and heal animal allergies.  It is a powerful physical healer, can help bring stillness to a troubled mind and to gain a positive outlook.  Can help protect the wearer  from witchcraft and soothes the nerves. Also all the general properties of Jasper.

8 in stock

Rain Forest Jasper - 12 mm
Pretty Rain Forest Jasper Heart Beads, they are drilled top to bottom, mostly flat and measure 12 mm.

Jasper - Rain Forest - Helps us find more creative ways of expressing difficult things (problems, solutions, anxieties, etc.).  Helps rid us of burdens that don't serve a purpose in our lives, providing a renewal of our self.  Assists in communication with those that have passed on.  Helps us to eliminate procrastination and move forward with our projects and responsibilities, thus helping eliminate distractions.  Also all the general properties of Jasper.

12 in stock

Labradorite Puffy - 12 mm
Wonderful, Labradorite Heart beads!  It's difficult to show the beautiful blue, purple and green that shows up on these beads in a picture.  You can tell by the flash, from the camera (white lines) that these beauties are highly polished!  These are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Labradorite – It helps to stimulate the imagination, enhancing intuition, psychic abilities, strength of will, strengthens and protects the aura.  Helps us to understand the destiny we have chosen. 

15 in stock

Lepidolite Puffy - 12 mm
Pretty Lepidolite are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Lepidolite – Spiritual transcendence, cosmic awareness, helpful for insomniacs.  It gives off a refreshing, almost sentimental energy which helps reduce stress and remove despondency, encourages openness and honesty, and helps to expand our consciousness.  Helps to increase spiritual awareness, giving us a sense of inner peace. 

6 in stock

Moonstone - 12 mm
These beautiful white Moonstone Heart Beads have been hand carved so they vary a bit in shape and size.  They are drilled top to bottom, mostly flat and measure 12 mm..

Moonstone – It is a stone for hoping and wishing.  It helps us to absorb what is needed from the Universal Energies.  It can help us recognize "ups and downs" and realize that they are normal in the cycle of life.  It helps us to understand,  maintain and fulfill our chosen destiny.  It is a stone for feeling and understanding on the intuitive and emotional level instead of the intellectual level.  It can assist in the development of our intuitive and spiritual senses. It helps us to understand that new beginnings actually come after an ending.  It can help during times of emotional tension and help enhance the positive parts of our creativity and self expression.  It can help enhance our artistic creativity.  It is a stone of good fortune and can help keep what is precious to us closer.  It is a stone for travelers and can help protect us from the perils of travel.   It can help us to connect to the Moon Goddess. 

10 in stock

Mother of Pearl  - 12 mm
These are small Mother of Pearl hearts that are drilled top to bottom, absolutely flat and measure 12 mm..

Mother of Pearl - Helps clean the environment and bring purity to the atmosphere.  They contain the energy of the God of the Sea.  Help bring boundless energy to all endeavors.  It can protect us from and change negative energy, that is not our own, into positive, white healing light.  Helps enhance personal integrity and provide focus to our lives.  Calms and soothes the emotions.

10 in stock

Gold Mother of Pearl - 12 mm
These are iridescent gold Mother of Pearl heart beads and are drilled top to bottom, absolu tely flat and measure 12 mm.
15 in stock

Muscovite Puffy -  12 mm
Nice Muscovite hearts, you can tell, by the flash, from the camera (white lines) that these beauties are highly polished!  They are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Muscovite - It can help stimulate the heart chakra allowing insecurities and uncertainties to dissolve away.  It can be used to relieve self doubt.  It can help us to look to past experiences and absorb what was needed from them to help us move forward with those lessons.  It can help us to look to the future with optimism and understand that we can move forward successfully. It can bring awareness of our higher self and is helpful during a struggle with major life decisions.  It can bring quick thinking and the ability to clearly express our feelings and emotions.  It can help us to discover the solution to problems, both ours and those of others.  See also the properties of Mica.

12 in stock

Rainbow Obsidian - 10 mm
These small Rainbow Obsidian Heart Beads all have the rainbow colors shining through.  It was difficult to capture their "fire" in a photograph, but it is there!  They are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 10 mm.

Rainbow Obsidian - It helps bring light and love into ones life, helping us to recognize the spiritual side of our nature.  It is known as the "Stone of Pleasure" helping bring gratification and enjoyment into our life.  It is a good stone for gazing, especially in the areas of love, relationships and development of our etheric and physical selves. Also all the general properties of Obsidian.

20 in stock

Snowflake Obsidian - 12 mm
Snowflake Obsidian are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Snowflake Obsidian - It brings both purity and balance to body, mind, and spirit, helps to heighten our awareness of love and beauty, balances and calms those who like always being on the go.  Grounding, shields against negativity and transforms it, protects from physical or emotional harm, healing, helps us see the flaws within and to find the necessary solutions to eliminate the flaws and allow us to grow. 

12 in stock

Black Onyx Puffy - 12 mm
These Black Onyx heart beads are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Onyx - It is a good stone to start centering and alignment of the total person with the higher powers.  It can help release grief, enhance self control and help with wise decision making.  It can also help encourage happiness and good fortune.  It helps us absorb the energies we need from the universe.  It can help us both see and feel the guidance and instincts that surrounds us.  It can help us to follow our path alone, helping us to recognize our personal strengths and becoming the masters of our own future.

19 in stock

Satin Onyx Puffy - 12 mm
These Onyx hearts have a nice Satin Finish to them and are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.
27 in stock

Pink Peruvian Opal - 10 mm
Small but beautiful Pink Opal hearts from Peru are drilled side to side and would make a great pendant or bracelet accent for you.  They are mostly flat and measure 10 mm.

Pink Opal - It is called the "Stone for Renewal" and "Spiritual Awakening" helping renew the sacred relationship between the self and "All That Is".  It can help guide us on our life's journey, bringing the connection between the conscious self and the inner "knowing".  It teaches love and non violence, helping nourish all aspects of our development.  It is a good stone to help inner healing on the emotional, physical and intellectual levels.  It can help us release old patterns, bring deeper insights into psychological issues and to cleanse and purify the mind and heart. Also has all the properties of Opal.

5 in stock

Pietersite Flat - 10 mm
These flat Pietersite Heart beads do have flashes of chatoyance running through them.  They are drilled top to bottom, are absolutely flat and measure 10 mm.

Pietersite - Helps during meditation to allow the experience of visions and precognitive thoughts.  It helps align the energy centers of the body to provide grounding to our etheric bodies, helping us to access the Akashic Records.  Helps us to see the beauty of the soul and the brotherhood of humanity. 

29 in stock

Clear Quartz - 14 mm
These, nice clear Quartz heart beads are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Quartz – It is an emotional balancer, good for meditation, clarity of thought, dispels negativity and attracts harmony, healing and balance.  Helps enhance communication with the Spirit World, Spirit Guides, Higher Self, teachers, and healers, allowing us to develop our psychic abilities.  It is a very general purpose stone which can be used for almost anything.

10 in stock

Cherry "Quartz"  - 12 mm
These pretty Cherry "Quartz" Heart Beads are not natural, but are man made "created" quartz, created by "melting" and reforming natural quartz with red coloring.  They are drilled top to bottom, mostly flat and measure 12 mm.
33 in stock

Rose Quartz Puffy - 12 mm
These are beautiful Rose Quartz hearts are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Rose Quartz - All forms of love, caring, kindness, opens and heals the heart chakra as well as all others.  Teaches forgiveness and tolerance.  Stimulates the imagination, encourages peace, happiness and fidelity in established relationships.  It helps clear stored stress, anger and resentment and opens the heart, creating inner peace.  Helps to calm  restoring harmony after a crisis. It helps heal emotional wounds and strengthens our love for others and ourselves.  Also has all the general qualities of Quartz.

10 in stock

Rhyolite - 12 mm
These Rhyolite are drilled top to bottom, slightly puffy and measure 12 mm.

Rhyolite aka Wonderstone - A stone of meditation, helping to release things from the past and to move forward, bringing the unresolved to completion.  It helps light the fire of creativity in our souls.  Helps with self realization and balances emotions, increasing self respect, self worth and our capacity to love.  Brings tranquility and to stimulate imagination.  Helps with eliminating worries, thus gaining insight into beneficial action, assists in reducing distress and depression, bringing a sense of well being.  Helps bring mental clarity. 

27 in stock

Black Lip Shell - 12 mm
These flat Black Lip Shell Heart Beads have a beautiful iridescence to them. They are drilled top to bottom, absolutely flat and measure 12 mm.

Shell - They are good to help bring boundless in all areas of our lives.  It can stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability.  It can heighten mental clarity and can ready us for times of decision making and insight into what options are best.  It helps with cooperation between ourselves and others.  It can provide an energy that will help keep the group working together effectively.

16 in stock

Tiger Eye - 12 mm
These Tiger Eye are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Tiger Eye – It can help with integrity, personal empowerment, enhances clarity of thought, helping us to think practically.  It eliminates negative thought and instills optimism, addressing conflicts sometimes caused by our willful pride.   It can enhance psychic abilities and help to gently attune the third eye.  It brings awareness of our own needs, as well as the needs of others.  It makes us see the difference between what we want and what we have and helps us to determine what we truly need.  It is soothing and brings calmness to unresolved turmoil, removing barriers and inhibitions. A stone of protection and good luck, carry or wear it while traveling.

20 in stock

Red Tiger Eye Puffy - 12 mm
Pretty Chatoyant Red Tiger Eye Heart beads are drilled top to bottom are drilled top to bottom, puffy and measure 12 mm.

Tiger Eye - Red w/iridescent bands (heat treated) - Allows us to relax during stressful situations. It's especially good when we are hyperactive as it calms, helping us to relax and slow down.  Also all the general properties of Tiger Eye.

12 in stock
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