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Links to sites we think you might like!
Dragon's Crystal Reverie is not responsible for the content of any external internet website.

Beautiful, interesting and funny sites!

Iasos - Visionary Artists Gallery
Wide variety of very talented artists display their work here.
I stumbled across this artist's work and was facinated with it.  She creates some interesting pieces that you may want to check out.  I love her work inspired by the movie Labyrinth.
NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
These pictures are magnificent!    Check out the archives too!
Selina Fenech Fairies & Fantasy
This site has absolutely beautiful artwork.  (Check out the bookmarks and magnets with her artwork that I sell.)  This page is filled with printable pictures you can color, Paper Dolls, Avatar Icons to use, Desktop Wall paper and even a wonderful Tooth Faerie Box!  She also sells fantastic artwork in many forms, enjoy!  (She is in Australia so if you want to order her items please know that shipping is a bit expensive, but well worth it!)
Hobby & DIY Storage The Guide to Creating Storage for Your Hobby's Bits and Pieces
This is a site where you can get ideas on how to store items that you want to keep safe.
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser
Magnificent artwork here!  One of my favorite artists also a very nice man.
Who you are for Women!       Who you are for Men!
Please click on this link to see a very powerful video.  It has some religious references, if that offends you, I'm sorry, but this is a fantastic message to us all!

Crystals and Minerals

Amulet Power
This site has interesting information about Amulets, shapes, animals and more, and what wearing or carrying them will mean to you.
Difference between Chalcedony, Agate and Jasper
This is an interesting article describing the difference between these stones.
Citrine - Are the properties changed by heat treating?
Here you will find information about Amethyst and/or Smoky Quartz that has been heat treated and turned into Citrine.
Crystal Astrology
This site is about a new book, called Crystal Astrology.  The link that you are going to will, when you type in your birth information, give you which stones are helpful for your astrological chart.
Home Hobbies: Rock Collecting
This is an interesting site on Home Advisor that may help beginners understand more about rock collecting.  This was suggested by a someone who likes rocks, thank you Peyton and Katie.
How to Repair a Geode
Interesting information about a good way to repair a geode or possibly another variety of unpolished stone.
Metaphysical beliefs about quartz crystals
This page helps you understand the shapes of your crystals and what they can help you with, it also has good pictures of what they look like. 
Rock and Gem Magazine
This link will take you to a page where you can locate Gem and Mineral shows in your area.  The list is nationwide!
Rock and Mineral Dictionary
This site has good information about minerals, not just the metaphysical side of them.
Tibetan Healing Sounds #1 - 11 hours 
This is on YouTube, it has toning on a Tibetan Singing Bowl but what I mostly hear is similar to enchanting wind chimes.  You can log on your computer and work with the relaxing sound in the background, use it for meditation, I'm sure you will find some interesting use for this.  There is a Tibetan Healing Sounds #2 (another 11 hours) as well.  This one starts off with gongs and chanting, it's different, but still relaxing.
U.S. Rock and Gem Clubs
This is a listing of the Gem and Mineral Clubs, listed by state across the USA.


Healing Crystals for You - Chakra Information
Chakra stones are healing crystals that have a specific vibration and color. Have you used specific chakra stones to create a healing action in individual chakras?
Healing and Energy
This site has many links to pages that include healing, colors and color therapy, feng shui, reflexology, meditation and more.
Mother Earth Reiki
She offers a wide variety of Spiritual Energy Attunements that enable you to be more centered and align with your true nature. These attunements connect you with the energies of crystals, dolphins, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria, alternative forms of Reiki energy, Faeries and NatureSpirits, celestial and cosmic energies and much more. 
Old Earth - Chakra Stones Chart
Chakra Healing Gemstones and Crystals have Natural properties which affect our well-being. The meaning of each stone is tied to the Chemistry of the crystals and gemstones which determines the color; and the crystal structure determines how the energy is amplified.
The Reiki Threshold
Very interesting site, quite a bit of information here as well as a healing page.  They also talk about distant attunements and more.


Astro Advice - Astrology and Horoscopes
It is free to "join" this site.  It has quite a wide variety of information available there plus it is not "generic" information, but the information is personalized to your birth date.   Through this site you can also receive, in email, a daily, weekly or monthly report from them.
Astrodienst - Free Horoscope Choices
Another good place to get Astrology information.
Free Numerology Reading - Plus
Just type in your information and you will get quite a bit of information about yourself or someone else.

Reference Sites

Aisling dream interpretation - analysis techniques from their courses
There is a lot on this site, including full readings for pay, but this link is to the Dream Dictionary to help you interpret your own dreams.
Birthstones & Flowers for each month
This site is a fun one to explore.  It has many different pages with interesting information, such as:  Wedding Anniversary Gifts - both traditional and modern, origin of the names of our months and days, zodiac signs, Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses, find out what day of the week you were born on and much more.  Enjoy!
Birthstones, Minerals and Gemstones for Kids
This site has quite a bit of interesting information not just for kids!  After each paragraph of descriptive material there is a list of tiny words, click on them, each is a link to much more information.
Chinese Astrology Calendar
Look up your Chinese Astrological sign and find out what it means.
Crystalinks Alphabetical Directory
This site has so much information on it that I had no time to look through it all.  Check it out and enjoy finding out about whatever your heart desires!
Earth Calendar
Interesting site that has holidays by date, country, religion and lunar phases. 
Native American Horoscopes or Indian Astrology by Brownielocks
This is a nice site that goes beyond the normal information about your Totem Animal.  Just click on the animal pertaining to your birth date and enjoy!
Power Animals and their Messages
Interesting web site that has lots of information on Power or Totem Animals that may interest you.
Runes - Alphabet of Mystery
Good site to find our more about Runes, how to read them and more!
This website is meant to give general information on shamanism only.  If you want more technical resources for research purposes, such as a list of books it is provided on the Shamanic Links page.  The site also provides a list of web links to shamanic teachers and a list of web links to shaman healers/practitioners by state.
Tarot - Tarot Cards, Decks & Reviews, Tarot Readings & Info at Aeclectic Tarot
At this site you can check out hundreds of Tarot Card decks that may interest you, learn the basics of tarot and even get a free reading there.

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