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Below are a few notes from customers that we wanted to share with you..

Hi again,
Just a quick note to let you know that I have received the stones I ordered from you/your company.  I wish to add that these stones are beautiful and will work wonderfully for what I use them for.  I look forward to more transactions between our parties,  
Thanks for the freebies also.
C. W.
Dear Alyce,
Let me start off by saying thank you Alyce for having available all the stones, crystals and etc on your website/online store! Thank you for sending my order super fast! Thank you for the other crystals I didn't expect I'd receive, then finding out that you give a few free items with purchases from your store!
And thank you and your online store for coming into my life. I wouldn't be on my way to crystal healing and collecting without you and everything you available in your web store.
P.S I'm really impressed with the stones and crystals I recieved. I would definitely be purchasing other crystals from your store! 
Thanks again and crystal blessings,
M. V.
Hello there,
My Girl Scouts and I just wanted to take the time write you a little thank you note about your wonderful page, because it's been such a major help. My Junior Scouts are participating in a STEM experiment program for Geology. Your page taught them a lot! 
As another small token of our appreciation, we thought it would be nice send along a helpful resource that we came across. It's and it has some great information on rocks and minerals.
If you decided to add it to your resources, I'd love to show my troopers that their suggestion was up and running to help other aspiring students achieve their goals. It would also serve as an amazing motivator for the girls to keep reaching out to help others. We do our absolute best to follow the ever popular slogan of "Do a good turn daily." :)
Please let us know what you think and thank you again!
Warmest Regards,
B. K. and her Junior Scouts
Hi Alyce!
I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore the stones I got! The plasma agate and the titanium aura quartz were gorgeous, and I really appreciate all the freebies. I'll definitely buy from you again very soon, thank you so much!! I'm super happy to start a collection again <3
M. A.
I just wanted to share how much I enjoy your site.  My son is 3.5 years old and he is so happy when a box of magic rocks come in the
mail.  Your site is renewing my love of rocks that I've had since I was a kid.
Thank you!
K. B.
 Hi Alyce! 
I LOVE the stones!  Usually I like to "meet" my stones before I purchase them, but I had a feeling you would send energetic stones, and you did!  I also love the freebies!  And the quick delivery!  I was so excited about the rocks that I scared the mailman when he arrived with the package.  Oops!
Thanks for wonderful service and wonderful stones!
S. R.
 Hi Alyce!
I wanted to send you an email and thank you for the absolutely beautiful crystals you provide me. I am so happy I found your shop. I love collecting, photographing and creating jewelry and crystal grids with them- I also use them for tarot readings. 
I'm not sure if finding your shop was a good idea or a bad one! lol! My collection continues to grow... thank you, thank you, thank you! 
A. B.
Just a quick thank you! I Love the enhydros- This is perfect just what I needed!  Also thank you for the free gift.  Everything is AWESOME! This was an A++++++++ transaction!  Cant wait to check out your website store more now?
Thanks again for everything!
You Rock!
~ M. B.
Hi Alyce, 
Hope you are well. Love the new additions to your website. Thanks for having such a great and 
unique selection at great prices! Oooh, I sound like a commercial! : )
J. B.
Hello, Alyce,
The quartz arrived today.  It is exactly as offered and is beautiful.  I once found a piece as large as this stone in the Mojave desert many years ago, but I have no idea what became of it.  This is meant as a present, and I am not sure if you charge your stones or not, but I will charge it before presenting it.
I just wanted to say thank you for your fast response.  I looked at several sites and saw much smaller pieces for much more money.  They also displayed photos meant to 'represent' the stone they would send.  I have no confidence in that; I wish to see what I am paying for.
Again, I appreciate the way you conduct your business and I am sure I will be doing more business with you in the near future.  I have you bookmarked and the rest have been deleted.
J. H.
Thank you Dear Alyce!!!
You sent me the most gorgeous stones. I love them all, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for freebies I am so impressed by the beauty of stones! I could not put blue chalcedony down along with Limb Cast. Flourite and one of the Lepidolites will go to my work place. The color of jasper is astonishing. I love fire agate too, it fits in my hand perfectly. I think I'll sleep with all my beautiful stones tonight. They are all so gorgeous and have a very sweet energy.  Thank you Dear Alyce, you are so kind and beautiful soul!  Every stone you send has a message. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!
E. J.
Many, many thanks for your efforts, Alyce.  I *never* imagined that you would go to this much trouble on my behalf.  I have certainly never received this level of service from an online shop before.  I am very, very excited about this order and am really looking forward to receiving it.  If you have any more questions for me, please let me know.  Thank you for your time and trouble.  You have selected wonderful stones that I'm sure will be a joy for those of us who will work with them.  How exciting!
M. K.
Hi Alyce -
Boy, that was fast.  The order did indeed arrive today.  During a snow storm, yet!  I think we got about 8" or so here at the Jersey shore. 
The earrings are beautiful.  They will be a much-appreciated birthday gift for a friend. The crystal is also supposed to be a gift.  Might keep it for myself.  :)
Thank you for the pouch and bookmark.  And the labradorite stone is a beauty.  Who can't use those properties in their lives??
Thanks again for such great service.  Be well!
R.  G.
Dear Alyce,
just to let you know they've happily arrived !!!! Already !  Thank you soooooo much ! What can I say, I was so surprised with loads of extra crystals in my package ! You are wonderful, thank you ! I am looking forward to order some more crystals in the future from you!
Will write you, LOVE
M. T.
OK, sounds like a good plan. I am excited to get some more wonderfully loving stones from you. Your items are always picked and sent with such care and gentleness.  I so appreciate that. You know I have been getting messages from “Dragons” lately! Finding their images in crystals, clouds and such...has to do with my guide of course!  I am thrilled your site has such a cute name and cute music too.
Enjoy your evening as well,
E. R. 
Hi Alyce,
I received my order today.  I was so surprised that I had so many items that weren't ordered.
Freebies...thanks so much.  I wasn't familiar with a few of them however, I knew the universe had selected them through you for me.  As I read up on them I find this to be so true.
Thanks so much for being in tune, I am a happy customer and will reorder soon.
F. A.
Excuse my manners for not thanking you for the wonderful stones and freebies in my previous two packages.   As always everything is beautiful and the little hearts were a unique treat! ... I chose stones to help me pick up the pieces, recover and go forward. ... She's been to the Dominican Republic and we both love that beautiful stone. 
To think that you actually keep a list of the freebies means you care about your customers.  As one of those happy customers, I appreciate your hard work, the beautiful stones, sayings, and many other things most of us have yet to discover on the web site!   Thank you again and everything is always beautiful and delivered with positive energy! 
V. H.
Dear Alyce.
I'm happy with everything I buy and with the gifts you sent me for my collection. I love the crystals and minerals and work with them with the energies of the Angels. At the time it enters your Web I felt your wonderful energy and knowledge. So you can have me as a client and my recommendations to go to your website to my clients when I recommend stones. You are wonderful, thank you for this service and wishing you success with your website.
A big hug and Millions of Blessings.
M. S.
Just thought I'd let you know. I got these pieces for a friend's birthday, and I'm sure she'll love them! the freebies were great and so was the fast service and shipping. I think your other customers are right about your freebie ESP because my friend had apparently been looking for a double terminated quartz piece and I didn't even know it. I thought the little plastic hearts in the order sheet were a nice touch :)
S. N.
Dear Alyce,
In what has been a difficult period for me on the health front, nothing has given me greater pleasure than to receive your parcel just a few minutes ago. Everything was superbly wrapped, and nothing broken or disturbed. Thank you for taking so much trouble on my behalf.
I now propose to spend time sorting out those crystals and minerals, and working out which have the best type of helping properties which I need to combat my twin diseases ...
Once again, grateful thanks for all your assistance and advice.
G. C. in Australia
My package arrived today, and all I can say is, WOW! You were so kind and generous to include all the gifts! . . . Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
I also love each of the items I ordered, and it's so cool that they are labeled and packaged as they are. You really go above and beyond--even little foil hearts in the box! You have a very neat personality. :-)
It means a lot to me that you have taken an interest in my situation and have been so generous with your time and expertise. The kind people and awesome situations that have come my way since my diagnosis have been very encouraging. Naturally I was a bit knocked off center when I got the news. But the universe is really going out of its way to send me support, and I am grateful. I am very happy that our paths crossed, and I will definitely be ordering from you again in the near future. In the meantime, I will keep you in my prayers and grateful thoughts.
Wishing you every blessing,
K. W.
Hello Alyce,
You have restored my faith in true customer service and good will. Before beginning a second career teaching students with special needs, I was a merchandise manager for Sears. I was responsible for over 300 stores in the Northeast Region. I knew that to keep our customers we needed to find out how to take care of them. Sometimes that meant we would not make a profit on an item. Their loyalty and satisfaction was my goal as a manager. 
If they were not happy about how a problem was handled, we would not only lose their business but the business of their family, friends and business associates because they would share their experience with us. Of course, we would gain customers by a good will gesture. 
You have done that and I will certainly be back to buy from you.
T. V.
Hi Alyce,
I wanted to let you know I got my packaged today! I am so happy with it, I love that you put in some stones. I used to collect precious stones and crystals so it was a pleasant surprise to find those in there. You made my day :) Thank you soo much, I definitely will be purchasing from you again in the future. 
H. S.
Thank you ever so much for the extra crystals! They have been especially healing at this unfortunately rocky time of my life! I thought that I had sent an email earlier but seeing now that I did not, thank you so, so much!  These crystals are incredibly beautiful and I'm very grateful. 
D. H.
Dear Alyce,
I am writing to let you know that I received my order today and am thrilled with everything.  Thank you for making such nice selections and including such wonderful extras.  I'm looking forward to working with all of them.  When I brought the box inside, my little old female cat's eyes got saucer-wide and she proceeded to dash around the house--a sure sign that something special has come in the mail.  Thank you for shipping everything so quickly and carefully, too.  Your effort is much appreciated, and I'll be back to shop again.
Kind regards,
M. K.
Hi Alyce,
I just wanted to let you know we received the stones today and were VERY pleased with the stones and pleasantly surprised by the free gifts. Thank you so much for the careful packaging and beautiful
stones. We will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and to do business with you again.
M. N.
Hi Alyce,
Just wanted to let you know I got the package yesterday. The stones are all beautiful and I can feel lots of energy from them. Looking forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day, in love and light,
E. W. 
Thank you for all of the amazing stones! The freebies were such an exciting surprise, gifts are always more dear to me than things that I choose for myself. It seems the universe is sending me summons to make jewelry for others so the beads are perfect and also encouraging. ;) I am sure I will order again soon. Thanks again! 
A. J.
Thanks so much for everything in my package!!! I just love the energy radiating from the box! And all the freebies!! You are just so awesome! I love every piece of my order! Can't wait to order again! Once again, you made my order special!!
K. W.
Everything arrived safe and sound.  All was beautiful as I have grown to expect.  Its always like Christmas to open a package - you never know what you will see, but you know it will be fabulous and beautiful! 
Thank you for your great work and excellent stones!  Obviously, I will shop in the future!
V. H.
Thank you so much for sending that out.  Good Customer Service is so hard to find these days.
You certainly know how to make things better. 
Thanks for the gift too.
J. P.
Good Morning!
I just had to tell you how pleased I am with the rocks you sent. Each one out of the box was more beautiful than the next. Some even brought tears to my eyes and the Gobi agate left me speachless! Once again, you knew which rocks I didn't have and sent them to me as gifts. 
Thank you again for your great selections, service, and generosity.
R. H.
As always, I look forward to my shipment!  Your crystals are exactly as shown on your site and I for one appreciate it! Thank You!!!
B. K.
Hi Alyce,
Wow! I am totally blown away by your generosity!   Thank you so very much for the beautiful crystals. I am so pleased with my order, the malachite duck was clearly carved by an artist, and then the gifts are just............I'm at a loss for words.   Gratitude and blessings to you. :)   I will definately be a returning customer.
D. H.
Hi Alyce
I hope you are well.  You have, indeed, become my favorite store.  You have the best selection I have found (for instance, I have been looking for girasol for 6 months and couldn’t find it) and competitive prices.  Your quality is awesome too.  Since I have turned my Mom on to healing with crystals, I will be sure to walk her through your site (she will get lost on her own – lol.)
Anyway, thank you so much!  Yet another exciting batch of goodies!  I so look forward to receiving packages from you it makes my husband crazy ... 
I laughed when I read the number of people who said you have ESP on the freebie selections.  I feel that way too.  Love the freebie chrysanthemum stone which I used after a stressful (physically and emotionally) day to help calm and balance myself. I have another one of these but have not found it to be as accessible and peaceful.  Also, was in desperate need for garnets as they are not part of my collection.  Love the green.  Perfect timing and great stone selecting ESP on your part...
follow your dreams… 
K. K.
Alyce, thank you for all the lovely stones you sent! I've been dragging around a bit lately, but now that I've had four days off from radiation treatment - and it's so nice outside here - I'm feeling a little more energetic. And having all these new stones to play with can't hurt! Funny, but I think my favorite is the red calcite crystal you sent as a gift. It's a very cheerful little thing! 
Musing about what I want to order next, so you'll hear from me again soon,
J. K.
Hello Alyce:
I had been out-of-town for several weeks when your package arrived.  When I got home, I opened it and there were the two lovely, xtra large Moqui Balls (or Shaman Stones)!
They are simply wonderful and the vibrations and balancing they give me are out-of-this-world!  For example, I drove back from Michigan to Illinois for FIVE HOURS.  Your package had arrived when I got home, so I instantly took the Moqui Balls out and followed some instructions I had on how to use them -- I was INSTANTLY revitalized!  I had so much energy, I was bouncing around looking for something to do -- AFTER A FOUR HUNDRED MILE DRIVE!  Astonishing!  It had never happened before I had my Moqui Balls!
Also, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful large slice of Rose Quartz.  I just fell in love with it.  I have some Rose Quartz hearts and a Rose Quartz tumble, but for some reason, this nice large piece of Rose Quartz you sent does wonders for me!  She vibrates so wonderfully in my hand, I usually can't put her down!
Many thanks for your wonderful service and I will definitely be back for more crystals.
Warm Regards,
M. W.
You seem to have a special knack for picking out freebies that are of invaluable help to me.  I want to thank you very much for this - the Phenacite you gave to me on one of my prior orders, I have been using 24/7 and with this order that I had just received I found the Orange Millennium Stone and Super Seven/Melody's Stone excellent allies for what I am going through.
Thank You Very Much,
P. B.
Hi Alyce, 
I'm sure to order much sooner than later :-) !!! I truly believe stone collecting is the best hobby in the world. I know because, there just doesn't seem to be enough time to learn about and enjoy them all.  So, don't you ever close shop on me! I've really just learn and enjoy the many stones that your site has to offer.  And you're a pleasure to email too!!! Anyway, thanks for the reply and have A GREAT EVENING!!!
P. T.
Thank you, Alyce!
It was a pleasure to discover your site. I really liked the explaination for the properties of the stones and your efficiency, and I liked the low prices, too... ^^
I'll be surely buying more stones from you soon, especially for those stones that are expensive or difficult to find here in Italy, or for particular beads (since I'm trying to do some works with silver wire).
Thanks a lot!
A. L.
Hi Alyce,
.... I received my order last week safe and sound.  I may have said this to you already, but just in case I haven't... I just wanted to thank you for offering your stones at affordable prices, especially the rare ones. There are a few sites I have seen that charge what I consider to be outrageous prices, and quite frankly I find that to be offensive. I understand there is a cost to everything, but it seems like some sites are just out to get the highest price possible, claiming that somehow those more expensive stones are "better." 
Thank you for offering rare stones. And thank you for making them affordable.  And thank you for your kind service!
I hope you have a happy and safe holiday season!
J. B.
It always amazes me how you seem to have stones that I’ve been searching for – some for their power or peace and others for their beauty.   I usually search you web site first because you have such a selection and I seldom have to look elsewhere. 
Thank you for the quality and beauty of your merchandise and for all the lovely gifts.  I’ve said it before – it’s like Christmas when a customer receives a package! 
V. H.
... The stones are usual!!!!    And, as always, thanks so much for the extras!!!  I've tried purchasing crystals a couple times from others but they never have the wonderful feel and energy of yours! 
Take care and all the very best,
S. H.
Hello Dear Alyce,
Thank you, I got the package, thank you so much. Thank you for a wonderful free stones, you are so kind. I love them all. Since every stone has its own message, I am going look it up. Some of the stones you have on your web store are very new for me, I am still learning. Usually when the picture attracts my eyes I read the description and order the stone. I love your store! Thank you very much!
Very much Love and Blessings,
E. J.
Dear Alyce,
It did arrive today -  WOW! WOW! WOW!   What else can I say?  First of all, the Amethyst Cluster is the darkest that I have seen.  My other's pale in comparison.  Including, a 46-pound Amethyst Geode that I own. It's close but yours wins.  I just can't believe the depth of the color. 
As far as the Aqua Aura, I'm in love.  The radiance is wonderful and we're just meant for one another.  The Raspberry Quartz is happy with the Strawberry Quartz & Topaz that I put it with (under my pillow).  Finally, love your freebies!!!  Rose Quartz is one of the first stones that I purchased and the heart beads are just precious.   I have a Blue Calcite to put with the Calcite. And welcome the gypsum (new to me) for my gem bag that I also keep close.  So, as usual (and maybe more so) I'm a happy customer!!!  Thanks for your care and thoughtfulness on this order, it means so much.  You've truly found your calling.  Have a great evening!!! :-)
P. T.
Hi Alyce~
I was thrilled to find a box waiting for me when I got home today:) I love everything as usual my friend.  You are to kind to send some extra special friends along with my order which all are welcome here and the pen~  I appreciate you and all my goodies so much .. thank you from my heart to yours!
J. O.
Hi Alyce,
Thank you so much for getting me my order so fast and the stones I ordered from you were absolutely beautiful.  My daughter and I were very excited to see them and by far were much nicer and also a bit cheaper than other shops I bought stones from.  Also thank you for the four freebie stones you sent, I'm going to look them up as soon as I send you this email.  ... Thank you so much for your time and have a lovely day.
J. M.
I want to thank you for the extra Orange Kyanite and Desert Roose pieces. Your choises were devinely enlightened. I need help keeping my chakras clear and open and suffer fom depression and anxiety. I am also a reiki practitioner II degree empath. I will continue to visit your site and purchase from you wonderful ladies. The shipment came extremely quick and I am well pleased with my purchases. I rate you a 10.
Thank You Both,
L. K.
Hi Alyce ~
Hi there well my wonderful white sage arrived all safe and sound today..many thanks~  I will be back again and have been so good and kind to me how could I go anywhere else?  Please have a good evening and thanks again for everything..I feel blessed~
J. O.
Alyce, thank you soooo much, also for the freebies, I don't know what to say, it is too much.... and so fast!!!!!!  I'm so happy with this present, now I can make the mandala thats going in the Tower Buster!!  Again I am so greatfull to you, can't tell you.......  Alyce for now, Bright Blessings and all the love and light you and your loved ones need!!  Again, thank you so much.....
M. V. 
Hi Alyce,
Thank you for mailing my order so quickly.  I am very much looking forward to receiving the stones.  I will let you know if I have any questions or requests in the future.  It has been wonderful doing business with you.
D. E.
Oh how thrilled I was to receive my pkg. and all the awesome goodies you sent..oh my goodness..I am so blessed..thank you so much..they were in the full moon last night with me..  I love everything..have a great day~
J. O. 
Good Morning Alyce,
We just wanted to write and say Thank You for the stones we ordered. Your site is one of the few I have ordered stones from with pure stone energy. Not some one else putting energy into them. Frank loves the obsidian, he said they are just the right size, and really fell in love with the orange kyanite. We will be ordering again from you, and will tell all our friends. 
love and light 
M. & F. B.
Hello Alyce,
Thanks for sending my order so quickly. I am always happy with your stones & crystals.  Thanks for the free stones. I had been reading about the Moqui Stones (and was going to order some) when you sent me two free ones. Strange. I am still going to order some larger ones with my next order.  The Ethiopian Opal is really beautiful.  I will be ordering again next week.
S. F.
I am emailing you to let you know that I received my shipment today and that I'm extremely satisfied with my ordered item and the extras you put inside.  You are a terrific seller with a terrific web site, and I hope you'll be around a long time!!  I look forward to doing business with you again!
Sincerely yours,
P. J. B.
Hi there,
I just received my order yesterday.  Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly.  And what a surprise to find the gifts you tucked in with the order.  I'll keep checking out what you have to offer and I am sure I will be placing more orders in the future.
Warm regards,
K. H.
Alyce...thanks so much for the FAST shipment & the quality products.  Most of these rocks are the most powerful I have ever held.  Thanks also for the freebies.  Great selection.  We be dealing again.  You've got the best site on the web for rocks.
C. D.
Hi Alyce,
Thanks.  I am always happy with all I get from you. You and your mineral spirits are always the best!   Enjoy your evening.
M. S.
Thanks once more, Alyce! For your unfailing generosity as much as your unflagging persistence in finding all those stones (specifically for me) at wonderful prices.  You are the best!
E. P.
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service and fast shipping. I love each of the stones I ordered, and I can't believe the amazing freebies you sent me! The energies coming from the stones are strong and lovely. You've been so generous, and it's been an absolute pleasure purchasing from you. It's obvious you care a great deal about crystals, stones, and sharing that love with your customers. I'll definitely be back for more. :)   Thank you again! :)
A. C.
Alyce...hello again. 
I've decided that your rocks are the best specimens I've ever seen & held.  As with my last order, the freebees are fantastic! 
Thanks again.
C. D.
I thought it was Xmas at my house yesterday.  I was amazed at how beautiful the stones were and thank you very much for the gifts!  A few of the stones were even more beautiful than I have seen on web sites.  Thank you again for the beautiful stones and I will definitely order again.  Have a great day/weekend.

V. H. 

Dear Alyce,
I just wanted to say "thank you" so much for the order I received today.   This is my third from
you and each time the stones are always beautiful!  And the freebies you include are so nice.
The amethyst flower you sent in this latest order is wonderful!!  Since I've unpacked it, I've been
carrying in from room to room with me....I just can't seem to put it down!
Thanks again for everything!
S. H.
Hi Alyce, 
 I received my first shipment from you today. The crystals are all beautiful. The energy of each stone is amazing. Thank you for the (freebies). I really appreciate your generosity. When I opened the box------I could feel the Love that you sent with the crystals. Thanks again.
S. F.
Hi Alyce, 
I just cant get enough of your website!  Love the description of the stones energy's that you give! 
V. M.    A Happy Customer
Hi Alyce!
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the superior service you put into your business. My orders always arrive in a timely fashion (sooner than I expect!) and I feel that each stone is lovingly picked just for me. 
I enjoy checking in to see what new things are on your site even if I can't afford to buy at that time and it's great to be able to get items that are difficult to find. Thank you so much for all the effort and care you put in. 
Love and Blessings, 
A. N.
Hi Alyce,
Just wanted to let you know I received my package today.  I love everything!!!  Thank you so much for the freebies - it's such a treat!!!   I'll be ordering again soon,
B. F.
Just to thank you again, and let you know my other shipment arrived this morning...fantastic also not sure if it was your energy, the stones or a combination there of...but I felt a lot lighter this afternoon and clearer kinda like I cleaned house...LOL
thanks again
C. E.
Hi Alyce, 
....  I did receive my package, and it was like Christmas!  I loved all the stones, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the freebies.  I was so excited!  That was so nice of you.  I'm already compiling my list for my next order, which should be pretty soon. 
Thanks again .....
B. F.
Dear Alyce,
The crystals are here, and they are all glorious!  I am so very pleased with every single one of them.  The two larger clusters are quite amazing and just a delightful combination of Siderite and Quartz Crystals as well.  Alyce--thank you for everything and also for getting me everything so quickly!
Love and Selenite,
D. B.
Hi Alyce,
Just wanted to thank you .. my first order arrived today, the stones are fantastic very full of energy and life.
C. E.
Hello Alyce, 
I recieved my beautiful stones and I thank you deeply for the extras, they are all of course most apt, perfect and heartwarmingly recieved.  Thank you also for you warm wishes.  I look forward to enhancing myself with your wonderful wares again in the future.
Many blessings, love and light to you
A. W.
Dear Alyce,
 I want to thank you for stones and crystals I ordered. They are GORGEOUS ! Thank you so much for freebees, that was a big surprize (so many and beautiful!) On the way to pick up my son from school I could not let go of Fluorite Hexagon, it is so BEAUTIFUL. When my son looked at it, he said he wants one, he was holding it all the way going back home. ... thank you again for beautiful stones and wonderful store you have.
E. J.
I also wanted to say that your website is great, you have many unusual and hard to find stones and I am
someone who loves these gifts from the Earth very much.  Thanks for your help. 
M. S.
I was like a child in a candy store, the stones are beautiful. Thank you for you excellent service.
E. D.
Hi Alyce,
I received your lovely package of earth gifts today and it's a real TREASURE TROVE ! Wow! You are awesome. I absolutely loved everything. The selenite palm stone is ethereal, magical and I already know that you'll be selling more of these to a friend of mine, once she get's back from a trip she's going on next week. I'm sending your info and the pics you sent to her, she fell in love with my sweet smooth stone. 
The amethyst elestial is so nice and the light library totally gorgeous. I've never seen red aventurine before, the chrysophrase and the rhodonite are perfectly drilled for earrings and they'll adorn a fine pair together.  I never knew about a hollandite star inclusion before! 
You are so sweet Alyce. Thank you for everything, your generosity, your integrity and the dedication you show with such enthusiasm. You're beautiful.  That was so beyond.
Con amor and many blessings, 
Hi Alyce -
I received the order today, and the raspberry quartz are beautiful!  I can tell you took care to pick the prettiest ones. It's going to be really hard to give them away... Thanks also for the treats you included. Your stones are quite amazing - great energy. I'll enjoy them in my treatment room. 
I hope you have a wonderful fall,
J. A.
Yesterday .... my package arrived. Isn't that quick?  It felt like Christmas...............all those sweet little stones!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was so very sweet of you to pack all the extras! Thank you so much for everything!! ....  I guess I will be back ;)   Thanks again for a lovely service!
Love & Light,
Thank you so much for beautiful stones. The small Boji stones are so pretty. And thank you so much for the freebies!!! Very good quality and price. A+++. 
Thank you.
Thank you so much.  You have a fantastic selection of stones I can’t find anywhere near me.
I can’t wait……..
L. F.
Hi Alyce,
I wanted to let you know that I've received the stones/crystals.  They are better than I had expected -- I am very pleased.  Thanks for the freebies!
J. A.
You have great customer service....I have ordered from you before and had a great experience...this one is no different. :)
Thanks again and have a great day!
M. B.
It came right away, your service was great, it was wrapped well and was as I hoped it would be. Your service and item was so superior that I'm anxious to give you positive feedback in the proper eBay section...  BUT...  I don't find this sale listed on eBay... am I halucinating ?  maybe I didn't buy through eBay.... ??  anyway, you were great THANKS...
D. S.
Hi Alyce!! 
I just got my crystals and minerals today—they are just magnificent!!!  Wonderful specimens and such a wonderful energy around them!  I already added your site to my “student manual’s” shopping resource page and to my general community site and class site, but will definitely add an addendum to both to encourage students to explore your collection. 
I’ll be ordering again shortly, 
K. M.
Shipment was amazingly fast. The stones were all superb.  The free bonus stones were fantastic.
Thank you.
P. P.
Hi Alyce, 
The stones were perfect - even the cobra jasper is just right.  Thanks for your effort!  I'm definitely adding your site to my favorites for interesting beads and stones for wire wrapping!
Thanks again
I just received my order yesterday....Thank you so much for the wonderful items and the freebees too (they were a nice surprise!).  Everything was packed so carefully, and the quality of the stones was just wonderful!  I will definitely order again.  Take care
M. B.
I just rec'd my order and am very happy with the lemurian crystal and all the gifts!!  Lemurians are hard to find in good shape and this one is awesome.. thank you very much.
A. F.
I've ordered from you before--a remarkable Shiva Lingam.  I have many stones from many different places.  Yours, however, are very special.  Yeah, it's probably Reiki, but it's more than that, too.  I've received energy charged stones and I've charged the stones with Reiki myself.  The stones I've received from you are just...different.  Very high energy and arrive ready to work.
I picked up one of the chrysocolla stones I received from you today (I'm at work) and immediately felt the energy engulf my chest area all the way around my back.  It was like a hug.  Incidentally, I have issues with my lungs--asthma, chronic bronchitis, which I seem to be suffering from...AGAIN...and I could feel this little stone immediately working on me. 
I've always needed to direct a stone to help me or enchant it--your stones are all over it, without needing a thing from me. 
Thought you should know.  :)
J. B.
My friend was very pleased to receive his order today and also very pleased with the selection of the stones. He really liked everything about the service to the stones. 
Thank you, 
J. G.
I enjoyed my stones that I purchased from you and I also shared some of them. The gifts you sent were very much loved. Thank you for being so generous.
V. M.
We received the crystals yesterday.  Thank you sending them out so quickly and especially for the added gifts.  That was very kind of you.  They will make great stocking stuffers and my son will love them. 
It always amazes me how quickly you send LOL!  Thank you so much for the stone gifts and remembering the Bronzite!
Be well, Thank you
B. B.
Loving your web site.  I appreciate the commentary with the pics.  It really increased my confidence that I will receive what's shown/described. Thank you,
Thanks so much for the beautiful stones and crystals!   They arrived this morning and are even more lovely than they seem on the web site.  Really great, and I will order from you again!  also, thanks for the freebie! :-)
I just received my package today, wow! I love them all...... I can't wait till I can go through your site again to order more for my collection. Thanks!!!
I appreciate how quickly it arrived. I also wanted to thank you for the extras. That was great and they were beautiful. I will be buying from you again soon.
J. K.
The two specimens arrived here safely today.  Many thanks for them both...I do not have an example of an "hour glass" selenite so it will certainly find a home in my collection.  A pleasure to do business with you, and I shall keep an eye on your site for any new specimens you may add.  Again, many thanks.  Regards.
I received my order today. They are all so beautiful and have alot of energy to them.  I also want to thank you for the Selenite and the Agate.  Thank you so much for your timely shipment. 
E. W.
I have great news, the stones ... arrived right now.  I'm so happy opening the bags.  First of all, thanks for the free stones.. do you read minds? .... now I'm going to try and know the new stones.  I hope to keep in touch with you thanks for all, for your kindness, patience, generosity, etc. Was a pleasure shopping with you. Thanks again 
Thank you for your time and effort, it is much appreciated! .... Again thanks for brightening an otherwise partly gloomy day.
Have a beautiful day!
N. L.
I received the book yesterday.  Thank you very much for the free geode.  It was fun to be able to read about.  It has some great qualities that I can use.  Thanks so much. Best of luck to you.
Thank you so much for the baby Shiva lingam stone!!!  It has found a home in my medicine pouch. .... Again, thanks for the super fast shipping and the wonderful gift.  I will recommend your web site to friends.
And let me tell ya, when the box got here I was like a kid in a candy store!  LOL



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